7 Outfits to Wear at Home and Uplift Your Mood

Now that we all are spending so much time at home, the same old shorts and t-shirt make it quite dull to get through the day. Well, we have cracked the code to sway away the dullness by dressing well while at home.

Here are 5 outfits to wear at home that will surely cheer your mood:

1. Oversized tees and shorts

Nothing beats the comfort of oversized clothing. Starting with number 1, we would recommend you steal some oversized tees from your brother’s or husband’s closet and pair them with shorts. Hip-hop stylish, comfy and you don’t even have to spend a penny. Work all day, lay in your bed watching Netflix or do some household chores, all you need is an oversized t-shirt and a pair of shorts to seize the day..

2. Loose pants and casual tops

Whether it’s summers or winters, a pair of loose pants simply gives you the space that you have been asking your ex to give you. Combine a neutral shade of pants with a mismatched top whose color pops out to give you an essence of style and positivity that no formal clothing can ever provide you.

3. Satin night suits

Chic and ready for Instagram selfies, satin night suits are sure to make you feel oh-so-good. Unlike cotton night suits, satin brings the oomph factor to your home look and you can even work with ease while doing the household chores or just chill in your bed. Pastels look the best and we would strongly recommend choosing those shades.

4. Maxi dresses

Flowy, lovely and absolutely flattering! Maxi dresses are the way to go when it comes to keeping it minimal yet looking dressed up. This outfit will not only bring style but also comfort and the best part is you can wear it while going out for grocery shopping or just to stroll around. Floral, polka dots or solid colors, you can pick the ones that suit your style and you’re definitely going to feel lively in that amazing summer vibe.

5. Your favorite pajamas

Okay so we all agree with this! Nothing beats your favorite pair of pyjamas and that set is the ultimate winner in the game when it comes to outfits to wear at home. Cartoon prints, comic prints, floral, polka dots and everything else in the world- you name it and you can get a pair of pyjamas with that print (there is so much variety here). Comfy, soft and so much happy, pyjamas just bring so much ease to your life and how we wish that wearing pyjamas to the office could be normalized! But for now, we enjoy working from home in our lovely jammies and nothing can replace the feeling of being your true self when you are in your favorite piece of clothing! And we are sure, you must be reading these in your jammies rn! Haha!

6. T-shirt dresses:

Kill the boring vibes and lessen your work pressure by wearing a light outfit. T-shirt dresses give you a weekend feel on a weekday and who would not want to feel a weekend over a weekday. Grab any oversized t-shirt or any of those t-shirt dresses with adorable prints, feel light and deal with your work pressure smoothly.

7. Formal tops/shirts:

Working from home doesn’t always mean working at your comfort. Sometimes, you have to leave that comfort aside and attend your boss/client’s Zoom call. For such situations, you always need to have that formal shirt or top ready to run and grab from your wardrobe. The most simple and comfortable outfit that we would recommend is wearing a simple plain t-shirt, pinning in your shorts or pants and pulling over a blazer. This look would make you feel at ease yet formal.

Those were the 5 outfits to wear at home and lift up your mood. And now, if that lifts up your mood to get them for yourself, you can download our app Parati and keep motivating yourself throughout the week by wearing those new home wears. We would definitely love to hear your favorites from you in the comments below.

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