Building blocks of a perfect pitch deck

Pitch deck is the Tinder profile of your startup

On an average, a pitch deck is 16 pages long. Whereas an investor spends an average of only 4 minutes reviewing it. This implies that they spend an average of 15 seconds on any given page of a pitch deck. Hence it is extremely important to concisely and effectively communicate the information on that page using visual cues. At the same time, typically less than 2% pitch deck emails receive a response from an investor. To bring some perspective to this number, the average match rate on tinder is around 3.5%. So, if you thought finding matches on Tinder is difficult, then raising funds is a tad more challenging. With a pitch deck acting as your Tinder profile, you need to put your best foot forward and ensure that your profile comes across as an organized, uncomplicated and forward thinking company to get that date with an investor.

Our analysis and recommended structure

For the purpose of this study, we analyzed the structure of early stage pitch decks of 30 multi-billion dollar startups from before they turned into a unicorn. These startups are now industry leaders and represent a diverse set of industries. The pitch decks we analyzed as part of this study were used for their pre-seed and seed fundraising.

Average number of slides per section



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