Cosmetics Market in the Middle East

  • High disposable income, expat population, tourism , proportion of youth population and consumer awareness around natural ingredients is driving growth of cosmetics market in middle east
  • Substantial and increasing demand for organic and halal cosmetics
  • Social media continues to play an influential with content shifting towards video-based formats like vlogs and tutorials
  • Women in UAE spend around USD 300 per year on cosmetics leading to the women organic skincare market at an estimated USD 10.6 million growing at a CAGR of 7%
  • While COVID-19 caused a slump of around 5–10% in the cosmetics market in the middle east, it is now on the road to recovery with skincare segment leading the charge
  • The pandemic also led to increase in online adoption and shifting the focus on skincare and sanitary products as compared to makeup and fragrances
  • Adoption of vegan and organic cosmetics is on the rise owing to shifting consumer preferences and increased awareness around natural ingredients, environmental movement on digital platforms, mental health and wellbeing awareness, curated skincare routines and multiculturalism

Market Overview

The middle east is a booming market for cosmetics owing to a multitude of factors such as high disposable income, expat population, tourism and proportion of youth population. The UAE is one of the largest cosmetic products market in the Middle East not only owing to huge population and tourism, but also to its approach to becoming a local hub for the beauty and skincare industry.

Growth Drivers

Growth drivers of the cosmetic products or cosmetics market in general.

Market Size

Market size of different cosmetic categories in different geographies of the world

Impact of COVID-19

Gist of how Covid-19 impacted the cosmetics market and changes and adoptions made there after

Opportunity Areas

Various opportunity areas for cosmetic market to increase its market share

Vegan and Organic Cosmetics

Vegan Beauty Product Categories

Types of vegan beauty products and their market overview

Buyer Persona and Go-to-market Strategy

Gist of buyer’s persona for cosmetic market and a go-to-market strategy for the cosmetics market

Survey of Saudi Women

Survey of 413 women in Saudi aged between 18 to 50 years

Buyer Persona for Organic Skincare

Target Population and Distribution Channels

Target population for the cosmetic market as well as their distribution channels

Competition and Major Players

  1. Major international brands have started shifting their focus on quality and brand positioning in line with the environmental movement
  2. Companies are heavily investing in R&D and setting up omni-channel distribution networks
  3. Vegan cosmetics market is competitive and largely fragmented which has allowed new players to enter this space and capture substantial market share

Vegan Beauty Products Competition Landscape

Competitive analysis for vegan beauty products market

Top Cosmeceutical SkinCare Private Label Manufacturers Globally

Top Cosmoceutical SkinCare Private Label Manufacturers in the US

Top Skincare Private Label Manufacturers Consultants



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