Perimenopausal Women’s Wellness Study

Demographic distribution of respondents

Awareness around perimenopause

Issues faced by perimenopausal women

Issues faced by respondents by age

  • Age 35–44 : thinning hair, weight gain and mood swings are most common faced by every 1 in 2 women
  • Age 45–54 : weight gain, mood swings, fatigue and hot flashes are most common faced by every 1 in 2 women
  • Age 55–64 : hot flashes, weight gain and dry skin are most common faced by every 2 in 3 women.

Preferred solutions to resolve issues

Priorities of women and their importance levels

Approach towards wellness

  • 72% respondents pursue their wellness actively. People who actively pursue their wellness, are more exploratory in terms of products and solutions that they use for their wellness.
  • People who are not satisfied with their wellness are willing to try out multiple solutions for their issues.
  • Percentage of dissatisfaction with current wellness levels is higher for divorced women with physical fitness being a priority.
  • Among the type of wellness methods, supplements take the lead with close to 50% women taking them on a daily basis
  • 77% of surveyed women are regular with physical exercise and 25% do it daily
  • Meditation is not a very common practice with 65% women saying they do it intermittently

Factors affecting personal wellness

Wellness products: awareness and comfort

Wellness products: eastern Medicine and meditation Aids

Wellness products: issues & solutions

Wellness products: Distribution Channels

  • 63% women rely on guidance from their doctors to identify new wellness products, followed by advice from friends and family.
  • Referrals from friends and family is the top source of identifying wellness products for perimenopausal women with 69% saying so.
  • Searching the internet for relevant products is another major source with 63% perimenopausal women utilizing online channels for identifying wellness products.

Wellness products: Willingness to Spend and Deterrents

Buyer personas: wellness products

Enthusiasts and early adopters — perimenopause phase 2

Mainstream adopters — post menopause

Market Sizing — USA



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