Things to keep in mind to prepare for your pre-wedding shoot

Courtship period is one of the best periods in a couple’s life. With more and more fancy weddings happening, the notion of pre-wedding shoots has also increased. Now, almost every couple, be it in a love marriage or an arranged marriage, goes for a pre-wedding photoshoot to get to know each other better in a more informal setting and environment. With time, the Pre-wedding shoot has developed so much of importance that now it can be considered as one of those rituals to follow before your wedding bell rings.

Earlier, the wedding day was the big day which the couples used to dream about and plan for. Nowadays, pre-wedding has become an important part of the wedding functions. It is the day for the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be to enjoy and cherish in their own company. Pre-wedding shoots provide the couples with some of the best memories to last their lifetimes but requires a lot of research and thought into it, right from finding the right location, good photographer to multiple perfect outfits.

Here are a few recommendations to keep in mind for your pre-wedding shoot to make it memorable..

-What to wear?

While you have decided about your wedding trousseau, you would be a bit confused regarding what to wear at the pre-wedding shoot. Hence, we decided to help you clear your mind and make you not only look your best, but also enjoy the whole process of the shoot and tell your story of love in its most natural and purest form.

1. It is better to be yourself than trying to portray someone else:

Keep in mind, it is always about being comfortable posing in front of the camera to get those perfect shots. And, when we say this, we recommend you to wear something that you feel confident in. Everyone has their own preferences and style which lets them be themselves. Hunt for such outfits and shop accordingly. Make sure that you wear something which fits you well and allows you to move around and pose comfortably.

2. Live the Fairytale:

If you are someone who believes in fairytales and dreams about the silhouettes and whimsical frames then go pick fabrics that would play with the wind and the natural light around. We suggest a flared skirt or a long flowy dress will help you live your fairytale moment.

3. Kick in the white vibe:

If you wish to keep it elegant and simple, then white is your colour. If you are choosing a colorful location, white would help you to pop out of the picture. For bringing in texture to add depth to the pictures, we would suggest you to add laces or a textured stole, something like a cardigan. Oh, don’t forget to add subtle accessories to pique interest (When we say subtle, we mean subtle, don’t over do with your accessories, it would make it look gaudy). Your partner can compliment you by wearing his white shirt with denim or colored trousers and maybe a casual blazer in a subtle shade.

-Where to shop?

Now that you are clear about what to wear, the next obvious question that would cross your mind would be, “Where to shop from?”

Ummmm…. Don’t you worry!!! We have got you all covered for this step.

There are plenty of options where you can find those perfect outfits for your perfect shoot. If you are wishing to purchase those outfits then you can definitely check out our app Parati to find various brands to shop from, at your convenience.

If you aren’t planning to purchase but rent, then you can check out the likes of flyrobe, stage3, thestylelease and Popin Designer. If you don’t want to spend too much on your outfits then you can buy some from a long term utility perspective while renting others to flaunt your outfits and get those perfect shots, while saving money at the same time.

These are a few recommendations from our side to help you make your pre-wedding shoot memorable and enjoyable for the years to come.

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